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Tile Grout Cleaning Sealing
Non Toxic Sparkling Clean
Tile Grout Cleaning Sealing
Non Toxic Sparkling Clean

The Eco Tile Grout Cleaning System is one of the safest tile and grout cleaning systems in Australia. You'll have total peace of mind knowing we only use Genuine Green Organic cleaners endorsed by Environmental Choice Australia. No masking agents that disguise harmful smells of bleach and chemical cleaners.

Eco Grout Clean® only uses high performance natural cleaners derived from plant extracts, in combination with specially designed powerful dirt extraction equipment perfect for cleaning tiles and grout.

•  Ceramic Tiles  •  Porcelain  •  Marble  •  Terracotta  •  Sandstone  •  Slate

The Eco Grout Clean® 6 Step Tile Grout Clean & Seal System6 step process easily removes built up dirt, grease, grime and dangerous mould spores in kitchens, bathrooms, shower recesses, living areas, hallways, toilets and laundry. Your tiles and grout will be sparkling clean, sanitised and ready to walk on immediately.

Eco Grout Clean® safely restores the natural beauty of your tiles and grout whilst removing harmful germs and bacteria. No toxic fumes or residues within your home or business.... Safe for you and the environment.

No more getting down on your hands and knees with a scrubbing brush. Once the Eco Grout Clean® process is completed pets and children can play safely and you can walk on your cleaned and sanitised tiles and grout barefooted without any health concerns.

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ECO Tile Grout Clean Seal: Your Way to a Successful Tile and Grout Cleaning

Does the tiles in your home appear stained, old and dirty? As the years pass by, your space will be subject to built up dirt, grease and grim. Trying to protect and clean the tiles by yourself is exhausting and time-consuming. Hands-on cleaning needs a lot of effort and hard work. Deep results, however, are also not guaranteed because grout is a permeable material. Spot cleaning and regular mopping don't eliminate hidden dirt and grime that lie within the core of your grout. Furthermore, traditional cleaning solutions don't remove trapped pores. In order to maintain the beauty and value of your home, it is important that tile and grout cleaning be maintained to prevent wearing of floors.

Your Best Solution: Restore it, Save money don't replace it!

You can restore the original shine of your tiles by calling Eco Grout Clean. Our expert cleaning technicians have proven techniques that can give back the tile you once loved and enjoyed. We also use powerful but safe cleaning agents in a completely clean area. We are skilled technicians that use only specialized tools, leaving you with extraordinary results. By trusting us, you can save more time and money.

What Can You Expect From Us?

  1. We inspect your tile areas in order to determine the best cleaning method to use.
  2. We pre-sprayed the stains and floors with safe and effective cleaning products.
  3. We employ high pressure cleaning to remove the ground-in soil and dirt. This method also extracts and rinses excess water.
  4. Baseboards and corners are cleaned thoroughly and carefully.
  5. The cleaned areas are dried efficiently with an commercial blower.
  6. The grout lines will be sealed to prevent long term damages and preserve cleanliness. This method is optional, and it depends upon your preferences. Whatever options you choose, rest assured we will give you nothing but the best workmanship.

We Offer Many Advantages, Including:

Maintain Value and Appearance:Cleaning your tile and grout is not our only objective, but also to maintain a long lasting and powerful cleaning that would maintain the value and appearance of your space.

The Best Equipment: We own a complete set of tools and equipment to meet the needs of every customer. Take note we treat our client's property with care and respect.

We Cleaned Properly: In every process, there is a right way and a wrong way. But, we are experienced professionals that do not cut corners. We know how to deal even the toughest issues. You will never have to worry about unattractive and dirty floors again!

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If you think your tile and grout needs to be cleaned, call us at 0468 382 921. Our prices are also reasonable, and the results are exceedingly long lasting!

Tile and grout are both extremely difficult to clean. Every space owner knows that mere mopping doesn't work, especially if you are trying to get rid of stubborn grimes that have settled on grout lines and tile surfaces. Call ECO, and we will rescue you! We will get your tile and grout lines fresh and clean.

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The Eco Grout Clean & Seal System is one of the safest Tile Grout Clean & Seal systems in Australia. You'll have total peace of mind knowing we only use Genuine Green Organic cleaners endorsed by Environmental Choice Australia & Environmentally Friendly sealers.

Our plant based cleaner in combination with a powerful vacuum dirt extraction machine is perfect for cleaning grout and...

•  Ceramic Tiles  •  Porcelain  •  Marble  •  Terracotta  •  Sandstone  •  Slate

Our 5 step process easily removes years of built up dirt, grease, bacteria and dangerous mould spores in kitchens, bathrooms, shower recesses, living areas, hallways, toilets and laundry. Once the Eco Grout Clean & Seal process is completed your tiles & grout will be sanitised and sparkling clean.


To Avoid Toxic Fumes & Residues from Chemical cleaners choose "Environmentally Friendly Indoor Cleaners and Sealers" from Contractors who buy from Specialist Manufacturers

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