Why is it important to get my tiles and grout professionally cleaned?
Grout is porous in nature and easily absorbs grease and grime. Dirt and spills create marks and patches, making the entire floor look dirty and unattractive. Because substances penetrate the tiny grout pores, they become embedded and difficult to remove. Over time this becomes a perfect breeding ground for mould, mildew, bacteria and other harmful microbes. Normal household cleaning products not only fail to address the problem, but leave invisible residues which build up over time, making your tiles look dull and lifeless. Even if you spend hours on your hands and knees with a scrubbing brush, you just won't get the same sparkling clean and sanitary results that professional cleaning achieves.
How effective is Eco Grout Clean®?
Very!....An Eco Grout Clean® Professional Service involves the use of our high performance, plant-based product to liquefy the substances within the grout pores and destroy harmful bacteria and mould organisms. This is followed by application of our advanced cleaning equipment which utilizes a combination of atomized water and our powerful dirt extraction system to leave your tiles and grout looking bright and clean again. No mess, no nasty chemicals – just sparkling clean floors that you can walk on immediately. You'll be amazed at the difference!
How often should I get my tiles cleaned?
It all depends on the amount of traffic and activity your floors are subject to. Tile and grout cleaning becomes more difficult and challenging the longer a floor is neglected. Therefore a regular professional maintenance programme is a time and cost effective strategy to ensure your floors stay looking good and remain hygienic, eliminating the need for expensive floor renovations and replacement.
Do you clean Commercial premises as well as Domestic ones?
Yes, we certainly do!....Unclean floors have a negative impact on business. Whether you are a hotel, restaurant, office, medical centre, supermarket or other organization, it is vital to create a good first impression. For instance dirty restroom facilities in cafes and restaurants create such a negative impression on patrons that they are likely never to return to the establishment, reasoning that a business that doesn't keep its toilets clean probably doesn't keep its kitchen clean either. Therefore revenue and profits can be negatively impacted.
How much will it cost to get my tiles and grout cleaned?
The price depends on several factors including size of the area and how dirty the floor is. Contact us today for a free quote, and be pleasantly surprised at how affordable we are.
Do you provide any other services?
Yes, we also provide a Tile Grout Sealing Service and to add beauty and value to your property we offer an Outdoor High Pressure Paver Limestone Cleaning and Sealing service